The Future of Flavor

A revolution in flavor delivery is here, and Purilum is setting the standard for excellence in flavor formulation and e-liquid production.

Over six decades of experience combine to build bold, full flavors that invigorate the palate and saturate the senses. 100% domestic and fully-automated cartomizer filling and e-liquid bottling services allow Purilum to deliver a consistent product at the volume levels demanded by this growing industry. In addition to rigorous product testing and quality verification, all materials used to make our E-Liquids have undergone a toxicological risk assessment by an independent toxicologist. These industry-leading standards give Purilum the ability to consistently meet the quality and capacity demands of clients and are what make Purilum the Future of Flavor.

Why Purilum


Fully-automated facility for maximum output and unrivaled capacity


Automated filling process ensures unmatched consistency


Rigid testing standards ensure quality of raw materials and finished product


Flexibility to deliver customized flavor formulation, bottling and packaging options


Complete traceability from raw materials to finished products with batch labeling & purity verification certificates