E-Liquid Formulation

With decades of experience and technical knowledge, Purilum flavorists work tirelessly to ensure the highest standards of quality and taste

Accepting only the highest quality raw materials, all of Purilum’s ingredients undergo a rigid quality verification process. Flavorists then work hands- on with each formulation, developing, testing, and refining e-liquids that deliver unique tastes, rich vapors and satisfying aromas. In addition to creating original flavors for customers, Purilum can consistently reproduce proprietary blends that match brand requirements. To protect against contaminants and other impurities, e-liquid mixing and batching takes place in individual clean-room environments. The meticulous care taken to prepare, test, and safeguard Purilum’s e-liquids out-paces current industry standards and results in robust tastes, savory aromas, and quality liquids.